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HMS exercise bench L8320


HMS exercise bench L8320 L8320 HMS - is a multifunctional bench with the possibility of folding. Thanks to it, you can work on your figure at any free time, and intensive training at home is no longe..

HMS Exercise bench L8355


HMS Exercise bench L8355 L8355 HMS is an inclined bench with weights and cables, designed for home use. The device is intended for exercising abdominal, hip and back muscles. The bench provides excel..

HMS LS3050 barbell bench


HMS LS3050 barbell bench LS3050 HMS is a bench with a prayer book designed for training with barbells or dumbbells. A wide range of bench options is complemented by a biceps exercise station and a le..

HMS LS3859 barbell bench


HMS LS3859 barbell bench LS3859 HMS is a bench designed for training with a barbell. Its characteristic feature is the possibility of any configuration. The kit includes two independent elements: a b..

Proform Carbon Strength Olympic Bench


Proform Olympic Bench Carbon StrengthProperties:The exercise bench is the basic element of home gym equipment.The multitude of exercises that can be performed with the training bench affects the popul..

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